MAGE Con 2019


Welcome Gamers!

The MAGES (Mahomet Area Gaming EnthusiastS) invite you to join us for our second annual MAGE Con!  We have expanded this year to 2 days , Friday and Saturday, July 12th and 13th, 2019. We hope you will help us keep the tradition going. 

For general questions, feel free to email:

While Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventurers League play wlll be a large part of MAGE Con, this year we are excited to welcome our friends from the local Pathfinder & Starfinder Society Organized Play group. We hope that no matter which game system you prefer, you'll have a great time at this year's convention.

UPDATE:  Game registration is open! Stay tuned here for future updates. Also, please be sure your characters are of the appropriate levels for the games.

Signups are done through Warhorn: MAGE Con 2019

Registration/Fees:  Registration fees will be:

   $10 for 1-3 sessions (there are three 4-hour sessions per day), or

   $15 for 4-6 sessions 

These fees will help us cover the costs associated with the event. We hope to provide a fun and exciting 2-days for everyone. All participants will receive a patch, shown below. Also, we plan to offer light snacks throughout each day.

MAGE Con 2019 patch


To assure we have equal opportunity for all interested parties, we request payment as soon as possible after registration, preferably through the Paypal link provided.  You may also mail a check to:

   Mark Webb
   1707 Phillippe Dr.
   Mahomet, IL   61853

If there are changes in your schedule that result in a different fee, like due to adding or removing sessions, email us separately ( to work out the details.

Our events will be running 8 AM until 10 PM Central Time Zone.


Mahomet Community Center, 510 E. Main Street, Mahomet, IL 61853

Also feel free to join our Facebook group at: MAGE Con Group on Facebook

Or visit our Public Facebook Event page at: MAGE Con 2 Gaming Convention

Please be aware that all attendees must agree to the MAGE Con Code of Conduct.