MAGE Con 2020


Welcome Gamers!

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We have delayed signups for MAGE Con games at the moment due to ongoing coronavirus concerns. MAGE Con staff are monitoring the situation here (central Illinois) to see what happens in the next couple of months. We'd like to still hold MAGE Con in person, as initially intended, but if it turns out that this will not be possible, we are planning to hold something online. Stay tuned here or on our Facebook pages for ongoing updates.

(Plans below are for in-person convention)

The MAGES (Mahomet Area Gaming EnthusiastS) have begun plans for our third annual MAGE Con!  With sponsorship by the local Mahomet-Seymour High School D&D club, this year's convention will be held in the library at the high school, 302 W. State St, Mahomet, IL 61853, on Saturday and Sunday, July 11 - 12, 2020.  

For general questions, feel free to email:

As in the past, Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventurers League play will be a large part of MAGE Con, but we had such a good time last year with our friends from the local Pathfinder & Starfinder Society Organized Play group, we'd love to have them back again in 2020. Interest has also been expressed in running Shadowrun and some other games, so we are hoping the 2020 event will be a critical success!

UPDATE:  We have started the process of adding games to the registration site on Warhorn:

MAGE Con 3 Warhorn registration page

Game selections include:

Also feel free to join our Facebook group at: MAGE Con Group on Facebook

Or visit our Public Facebook Event page at: MAGE Con 3 Gaming Convention

Please be aware that all attendees must agree to the MAGE Con Code of Conduct.